Omio promo code

Omio promo code – discount from 10 to 1000 Euro for tickets in Europe

Omio promo code for booking buses, trains and airplanes in Europe. Previously, the Omio service was called GoEuro. After rebranding and receiving investments, the company launched a bonus program. While investments go, it should take advantage and save from 10 to 1000 Euros for trips. You can also invite friends and get additional bonuses.

Omio (Go Euro) promo code

Omio promo code

How does Omio work?

The service allows you to book tickets from the largest transport companies in Europe. Deutsche Bahn, Italo, Trenitalia, Eurolines, Ryanair, Easyjet and many others work with Omio.

To search the most suitable destination you only need to enter the names of two destinations and compare between train, plane and bus:

Comparison of booking systems on omio

How to get from 10 Euros per trip

  1. Sign up at the link to the bonus program. Or use the invitation code: ludmis1c5q9j.
  2. At registration you will need to confirm your phone number.
  3. After registration by invitation code, we get 10 € for our trips.

Omio invitation code

4. You can spend your 10 Euros or you can earn even more. To do this, invite your friends and get another 10 euros for each.

Invite friends to omio

5. Take advantage of bonuses for invited friends will be possible only after the end of their trips.

6. Discount applies only when ordering inside the Omio platform. When switching to third-party services, the bonus is not applied. The minimum order value for applying the bonus is 40 €.

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