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Feedback on Omio (GoEuro) – tickets for Europe

Feedback on Omio and how to use it when traveling around Europe. This service was conceived and used for planning trips in European countries and choosing the best path. Omio compares the cost and schedule of trains, buses and airplanes. It is possible to compare with Aviasales, but not only aircraft are represented here.

Feedback on Omio (GoEuro)

At the end of the article is a bonus for all readers. Discount for service Omio

In February, 2019 service GoEuro re-branded. Now it is known as Omio. Currently, service Omio is developing and adding new bus and railway routes in European countries.

Omio cooperates with the majority of railways in Europe, with the largest bus companies and with lowcosters like Ryanair and Wizzair. You can book tickets online.

If you decided to spend a day in nearby cities, then you can easily buy two-way tickets in Omio.

Previously, it was necessary to find out an infomation about availability of trains between cities and find out the schedule of all bus companies to draw up a route in Europe. Now everything is collected in one place.

An example of Omio Search

Let’s look how Omio service works. As an example, take journey from Prague to Dresden. The distance between the cities is 150 kilometers. You can use bus or train to reach Dresden.

Omio search

In Omio you can see veraity of options to reach Dresden from Prague:

  • 5 buses companies offer you almost 60 options including night ride options
  • Deutsche Bahn offers 29 options.

On website it’s very convenient to compare cost and travel time. All this variety of choices is easy to filter by departure time, cost, train stations and bus stations.

Omio filter


Further steps are very simple: choose the best option for you, fill in personal information, pay and get tickets on e-mail.

Omio buy tickets in Europe

Where does Omio work?

Omio works well in England, France, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia and others.

Trains in Spain and railway roads in small European countries, Ukraine and Russia are not yet connected.

Cologne, city view
We have bought tickets from Dusseldorf to Cologne through Omio

Advantages to use Omio

  • Many options to reach the destination (airplanes,trains and busses)
  • The largest railway and bus companies, as well as Wizzair and Ryanair airlines, are connected to Omio. You can build an excellent routes in Germany, France, Italy.
  • No need to understand the features of reservations on local sites.

Disadvantages to use Omio

  • Presently not all companies are connected to Omio yet. In some cases you have to look for additional bus companies.
  • The service does not work for free. If they couldn’t get a commission from the carrier, then a small commission is added to the cost of the ticket.

Bonus: service is developing, so Omio offers a bonus for new users 10 € for tickets issued through the service. For this you need to register on website by reference or enter the welcome code ludmis1c5q9j). The bonus will be valid upon purchase from 40 €. You can find more detailes in the article.

Omio promo code

Can be interesting:

  1. Bonus from Omio from 10 Euro

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