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Car hire in Cyprus (Limassol, Ayia Napa and Larnaca) – our experience, feedback and tips

Our experience shown us that to hire a car in Cyprus was cheaper and simplier than in other European countries. So we would like to tell you how to find a trustful rental companies, share an information about our rental expenses and show places of interests.

Hire a car or not to hire a car in Cyprus?

Our answer is to hire a car. For our trip to Cyprus we didn’t think a second.

We did it for all our trips to make them more interesting. But in countries where it’s impossible, we usually use public transport. For sure, only you can answer to this question. We would like to help you to make a decision faster.

How much does it cost to travel to Cyprus?

The main questions before the trip are how to choose the best rental company, the best route, driving features in the country and so on.

The most popular questions about car hire in Cyprus

  1. Is it difficult to drive on left-hand traffic? No, it isn’t. You get used to it in 5 minutes. It is better to take a car with automatic transmission.
  2. Can you rent a car without a deposit? Yes, such variants you can find on Myrentacar. We had rented a car through other company. Further we will explain you the reason.
  3. Can you rent a car with little driving experience? It is better to have a driving experiance no less than 3 years. Otherwise a rental cost for the car will be expensive. Drivers in Cyprus are very polite and peaceful. So you will have a good driving time during your stay in Cyprus.


In airport of Larnaca you can find many rental companies

What do you need to know about driving and car hire in Cyprus?

  • Some filling stations do not work during a night time. Also on some stations you can only use payment machine.
  • You can use driving licence of your country.
  • Local drivers do not follow the speed limit on highway, but they drive very carefully.
  • Plates on hired cars have red color. This is so convenient for local people who are very tourist-frendly.
  • All the roads and even highways in Cyprus are free of charges.
Our car in Cyprus

Best rental companies in Cyprus for car hire

For a long time we have not been hired a car directly from big rental companies. We always use the service of brokers, because they work in many countries and can offer lower prices. We recommend you to compare offers between 3 brokers:

  • Myrentacar. They work in some countries only. There are Cyprus, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Turkey, UAE, Thailand, Chezh Republic, Greece, Arminia and Georgia. We rented a car in Georgia. You can find more information about our experience here. Also Myrentacar can give you the best offer to hire a car in Larnaca, Cyprus.
  • Economybookings. This broker often gives good offers. And we can recommend this company to you.
  • Autoeurope. We rented a car for our trip to the USA through this company. Here you can find good rental terms from big rental companies Hertz, Avis and etc.

The most popular cities for car hire are Limassol, Paphos, Ayia Napa, Protaras and Larnaca. The best offers for your trip to Cyprus can gives Myrentacar. The main reason of their good offers are cooperation with local small car rental companies (10-50 cars).

Big rental companies like Hertz and Europcar refuce to work without deposite and franchise. At the same time it is easy to reach some negotiations with small companies.

How to choose a car for hiring?

Let’s see how to hire a car in Limassol from September, 27th, 2021 to Octorber, 03rd, 2021. At first we have you to go on website

During high season you can find a car to hire even a week before your trip. On website you will see available cars only.

We advise you, that it would be better to adjust filter to find the most suitable car for your trip to Cyprus. For example, we would like to hire a car with the engine volume from 1.2 l with automatic gear box. For sure, you can car hire with the engine volume 1.0l, but it will be not enough.

Note: cars with lighting sign you can book instantly and you will get this car exactly.

  1. Our experience shows us that it is better to car hire with automatic gearbox. As you know, in Cyprus is right-hand drive. So if you are not familiar with it, then it will be a little bit uncomfortable for you to drive.
  2. You can get better deal, if you car hire for long period.
  3. Most of the cars are CDW insured. It is better to choose this option for your trip to Cyprus. Super CDW insurance covers damages of tires, windscreen, wing mirror and bottom of the car. This is overpay 10-20 Euros per day, but cars accidents is not such an often thing on island. So it is irrational waste of money.
  4. One of the advantages to car hire with Myrentacar is a possibility to see the cost of Super CDW on booking stage. Big rental companies persistently ask you to add cost of insurance to your car hire, because managers of these companies are motivated to sell it to you. As a result, you car hire and overpay about 100 Euros for your 7 days-trip to Cyprus. The longer you car hire, the more you overpay.

Further you can continue to hire the best variant which suits your request:


On this stage of car hire, you can double check all the information about selected car, select some additional options and should be sure that car was insured.

Recommendation for choosing of additional options:

  1. Please ignore insurance of passengers and car theft insurance. Cyprus is very calm place and car theft happend seldomly. And tourist insurance includes all the risk for passengers.
  2. To rent a car without deposit, you have to pay extra sum starting from 100 Euros. That’s why it is better to arrange deposite to avoid overpayment.

And the gift from Myrentacar is free of charge car delivery and its return during day time for most of the variants. You just need to push Book now button and fill in address of your hotel and employee of rental company will come at specified time to the specified address. Standard time for free car delivery is from 9 am till 6 pm.

Car hire price in Cyprus

Cost of car rental from different rental companies depends on the season, number of available cars, promotions and many other factors. That’s why it is better to compare different options to find the best varions for your trip to Cyprus.

  • Cost of compact car such as Suzuki Alto 1l starts from 15€ per day in case of car hire for a week.
  • Nissan Note 1,5l starts from 20-25€ per day.
  • Convertible car starts from 30-35€ per day.

Car hire in Cyprus without deposit or franchises

In Cyprus you can hire a car without any deposit or franchises. You can hire through Myrentacar. They can give you the best deal, because they work with small local companies, which provide individual terms for any car hire.

But we think that it would be better to hire a car with deposit, because car hire price without a deposit will include all owners risks anyway. Trying to find the the best variant for car hire for summer season, you can find more profitable offers with 300-400 Euro of deposit than without it. We think that it is always better pay for Super CDW, forget about all the risks and enjoy your vacations.

How to find a car without a deposit

  • Uncheck No deposit. Here you can choose variants which include CDW insurance and Super CDW.

  • After that you will see all the possible car hire variants without deposit.

Do you need hire a car with Super CDW or without?

Most of the cars for hiring have already been CDW insured. So it means that you will not pay for any damages or car theft within the blocked amount. In our case it was 900 Euro, but CDW insurance will not cover damages of tires, windscreen, wing mirror and bottom of the car. For our peaceful car jorney in Cyprus, we made a decision to pay for additional insurance.

For 10-20 Euro per day you can hire a car fully insured including all the screens and tires. You even do not need to check the car for scratches and small damages.

It was a right decision. We just left the keys on reception of the hotel and employee came for the car. For sure, cost of Super CDW insurance varies and can be cheaper or expensive from season to season. Average cost of Super CDW is about 10-20 Euro a day.

Maps to navigate in Cyprus

We often use to see places of interests in a new countries. It is always better to download maps and mark all the places which you would like to see before your journey.

Mobile service

You can buy a local SIM-card in Cyprus or to order multi SIM-card Drimsim. The mobile service is not expensive, but it is better to have the only one SIM-card for all your trips.

Filling stations and price for fuel in Cyprus

Petrol stations in Cyprus operate:

  • Monday to Friday from 6 am to 6 pm
  • Saturday from 6 am to 4 pm

Most of filling stations are equipped with automatic cashiers. So in fact you can fill your tank 24/7 even during Sunday and Bank holidays.

Fuel price

Price for fuel is not so different as in other parts of European Union:

  • Unleaded 95 – 1,31 Euro
  • Super Unleaded 98 – 1,37 Euro
  • Euro Diesel – 1,31 Euro

For examples, we spent only 26 Euro for 22 liters of Unleaded 95 for our 2-days car hire.

10 tips for car hire in Cyprus

  • Compare terms of car hire from different rental companies: MyrentacarEconomybookings и Autoeurope
  • Choose type of car insurance before your trip. But remember that most of the car hire are CDW insured. So no need to overpay for Super CDW insurance.
  • Remember that you have to be more attentive when you drive, because you need some time to get used to the car.
  • Automatic gearbox car will be better for hire. You will not save a lot of money, if you decide to hire a car with mechanic gearbox.
  • Car hire with deposit and franchises is cheaper, but you need a credit card.
  • Download maps for your trip before your trip. was a good decisions for us.
  • Carefully inspect the car for any type of damages. You usually make photos and 360 degreas video.
  • Please check all the terms of car hiring agreement before car delivery. The rental agreement will be sent to you by email.
  • Refuel the car in advance before the delivery. It will help you to save some money. Price for fuel will be hire, if you ask rental company to do it.
  • If you would like to save some money on fuel, then choose cars with the engine volume 1.2-1.4l.

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